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How a Curated Piercing Can Enhance your Aesthetic.

Here at The Boston Tattoo Company, our skilled piercers have worked with clients of all walks of life from all over the World. From young people getting their first piercing to adults of all ages upgrading their current jewelry to a more mature and complimenting aesthetic, our staff is here to help guide you towards the best options to fit your particular style.

What is a Curated Piercing?

You may have seen this phrase trending on the internet with no definition, well we are here to explain. When a client comes in for a Curated Piercing, our piercers take into mind your current aesthetic and then create a combination of different piercings and jewelry that would best enhance your unique style.

How we can customize your experience?

Come into any of our 3 locations and have a consultation with our experienced piercers. We'll be more than happy to go over all of the options that will best fit you as well as the number of piercings or budget that you are looking to work within.

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