The Boston Tattoo Tattoo Company originally started as The Painted Bird back in 2004 right in Somerville, Ma.  Very quickly picking up steam as one of the best up and coming shops in the greater area with two established locations, The Painted Bird relocated to the heart of Davis Square in 2010 and thus, The Boston Tattoo Company was born. 

        Over the last decade, The BTC has continued to push itself to the highest standard with our head piercer Brian Moeller becoming the first member of The Association of Professional Piercers in the Boston Area in 2013. A few years later when Joe Juliano joined our team, he became the second APP Member in the Boston area in 2016.   Brian and Joe worked very hard together to raise the piercing standard in the city pushing themselves to give the best piercing experience possible.  A few years later, Akio Sagawa joined the staff and also became an APP member in 2019. 

        Now operating three locations with our latest shop in Cambridge's Central Square, the staff at The Boston Tattoo Company continues to push for excellence in offering a great and safe experience for your new piercing.  No Appointments Necessary, walk-in today and see what we can do for you!