Brian Moeller

   I've been piercing professionally for over 14 years originating in South Jersey but since 2008, I've been working in the Greater Boston Area.  My piercing techniques vary but using mostly free hand techniques.  I have been piercing at The Boston Tattoo Company in Davis Square since the day it opened back in June 2010.  

   For the last 8 years I've been volunteering for the Association of Professional Piercers and as of March 2013, I officially became a Member of the APP.  As of 2015, I've been serving on multiple committees that help plan and run their Annual Conference as well as instructed a few classes over the years.

  The only thing I enjoy more than poking holes is to pierce people with really nice, high quality jewelry that complements them the best.  Our focus at the Boston Tattoo Company is to make your piercing really unique by putting something exceptional that will really make an impression visually and that will last forever.  .